Friday, November 30, 2012

on Nove 28th I managed to go out and drag my tomato cages out of the garde, strip plants from them and stack them into the back pen of the  turkey pen. It felt good. But that really was a good choice of how much to do. Thought about raking up toamtoes and decided to let the hens mull them over. Perhaps I can rake them later.
Today was not cold but it felt frigid with damp low clouds and threaning rain. Noticed my young rooster setting on the roost, his back to the world. That ain't good.

Monday, November 12, 2012


First real snow. About 3 inches everywhere this morning. But as the day wore on it is melting, though it is still partly there late this afternoon. Saturday night, the 10th brought our first killing frost here.
There are a few things still going, but not for long. Last year that frost came on Nov 7th, so warming climate changes-- possibly but could just be a long cycle. We have never went this long before killing frost though.
Today I went out and tore the topgrowth off of the creeping charlie, the impatiens and martha washington geranium in the big pot on the entry porch across from the door. The pot is large,  between 24 and 30" across and that deep too. So I planted 10 or 12 hyacinths in the pot. Half were red ones and half were mixed. We will see how they do-if they do!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Catch Up

On Tuesday Nov the 6th, I looked at the cracked from the water, sour from the temperature tomatoes, grabbed a very tight head of cabbage from the garden and turned the left condo of chickens into the  West, goat pen, and East corridor and old duck pen section of the garden. I set their water outside so that I could refresh it from the gate and put a pan for feed on their porch. The birds keep flogging their housing anyway.
It is supposed to freeze tonight Nov the 8th and so plan to let them roam and have fun for a week or so and then start putting them into the greenhouse quarters for the winter. This way, I don't have to make excuses for not cleaning the garden or mulching or anything.
Lionel finished putting in a frost free pump for the greenhouse, cleaned up the horse corrals some and piled up a big load of manure for the rain to ruin. I need to get busy, but really, my health isn't so good right now and now ambition to garden. Its scary.