Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dratted Sparrows

Theres no push to garden. I change and check the watering and promise my garden
a workout---but later. There is always things happening at Labor Day, fairtime and back to
school. You would think it wouldn't effect an old lady, but this time there is something leaking,
probably a hotwater tank and floor boards getting soaked and things needing move, dumped
and set somewhere else. The good news is there was ton of old collected dust cleaned out of
the "proprosed shower stall that we never finished. The bad news is I have about 4 boxes to
"sort and go through stuff"  to take care of later.
So it is rush off to the hen house to feed. There is a mob of sparrows in the hen house. Its been
like that all week. I don't like to be mean to sparrows, but neither do I want to feed them. Plus them
bring nasty gifts like mites, and lice and disease. Nothing seems to keep them away. So I have
decided that I will feed my chickens once a day, on the ground. They will waste and loose some feed, but if they are hungry they will scratch around. They will learn to hurry to me when I come and call.
And there will be no cafeteria for the wild birds. They will have to scratch too, later. But I doubt if
they do. When the food pan remains overturned, they will go elsewhere.
And then there is a wedding to shop and prepare for. I have spent the day doing my homework on that project andgetting ready. In the morning, its off to the big "hot and cold" city of Spokane.
Early night. I need to rise in time to eat my cherrios!

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