Monday, November 12, 2012


First real snow. About 3 inches everywhere this morning. But as the day wore on it is melting, though it is still partly there late this afternoon. Saturday night, the 10th brought our first killing frost here.
There are a few things still going, but not for long. Last year that frost came on Nov 7th, so warming climate changes-- possibly but could just be a long cycle. We have never went this long before killing frost though.
Today I went out and tore the topgrowth off of the creeping charlie, the impatiens and martha washington geranium in the big pot on the entry porch across from the door. The pot is large,  between 24 and 30" across and that deep too. So I planted 10 or 12 hyacinths in the pot. Half were red ones and half were mixed. We will see how they do-if they do!

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